Dermatology HelpLine

Our aim as a company specialising in veterinary dermatology is to offer practices the support and advice they need when dealing with problem ear and skin cases.

That is why we have our Dermatology Helpline for you to get in touch with one of our European Diplomate Consultant Dermatologists. Whether you want to ask a quick question or have a lengthy problem you need help solving, they are on hand to respond to you directly.

We know the form looks long! But ONLY the fields marked with an * are compulsory. However the more detail you can supply the better the advice you will receive from our dermatologists.

Sharing ideas can be very helpful to colleagues, so we would like to share interesting cases that come in through our Helpline on our Vet Only area of our website. Any personal case details such as client's name; animal's name or any practice details will NOT be shared and all cases will be anonymised.

If you DO NOT want your case to be shared on our Helpline Cases webpage, please tick this box