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Welcome to Vetruus! Specialists in Veterinary Dermatology.

We are a dedicated group of people with a long history in the veterinary industry providing innovative high quality products, Free CPD events and specialist help for you through our free Dermatology Helpline. Vetruus works in partnership with several pharmaceutical manufacturers to bring to the UK market innovative and scientifically proven products, with an emphasis on dermatologicals.


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We are specialists in Veterinary Dermatology - providing innovative high quality products, and specialist help for you through our free Dermatology Helpline. All products are available through Centaur, Henry Schein, NVS and VSSC, or contact us directly for special offers.

Zincoseb ShampooShampoo and Skin Moisturising
OtodineEar Flushes
Clorexyderm OtoEar Flushes
Ermidra SprayShampoo and Skin Moisturising
Ermidrà FoamShampoo and Skin Moisturising


Beat the Bugs

The Bella Moss Foundation (with a little help from the National Office of Animal Health and the Kennel Club Charitable Trust) has created a fun family-friendly video to explain antibiotic resistance - and encourage us all to listen to our medics and vets in order to help beat the bugs!

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New Products Launched

COMING SOON ! Our product range continues to increase with two new additions to the portfolio which will be launched shortly. Zincoseb Spray and LinkSkin.

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Ermidrà® Topical Skin Range: A Useful Choice this Allergy Season

With allergy season upon us, the next few months can be a miserable time for dogs and a frustrating time for vets and owners alike.

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Skin Fold Problems

Skin Fold Problems and Successful Long Term Management through Cleaning: A New Approach. Skin fold problems are very common and are often seen by the veterinarian. Certain breeds are more predisposed to skin fold issues than others. Wrinkly breeds such as the shar-pei, bulldog, pug and bloodhound by the very nature of their design are particularly prone to this type of condition and dogs where obesity has become an issue are also at risk due to folds created by excess fat.

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Ear Cleaners: A Rational Choice

The veterinary practice dispensary can be a myriad of bottles, tablets, drops and creams. Looking on the shelves of many dispensaries it is fairly common to see quite a few variants of the same type of product. Often too, this duplication can creep into the waiting room and it is not uncommon to see two or three brands of similar types of products sitting on the display shelf for clients to choose from.

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Clean ears properly now and avoid problems tomorrow!

Useful tips from the dermatologist! Ear cleaning can enhance treatment of an existing ear problem or prevent the development of a new one. Some dogs that are prone to ear infections may need regular ear cleaning between veterinary visits. Home ear cleaning can also help remove dirt and cerumen that can prevent medications from reaching inflamed areas, as well as get rid of allergens and microorganisms that may contribute to the inflammation or infection.

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