Zak Snaith

I am new to the veterinary industry but confident that both my past job experiences and the support from the Vetruus team will stand me in good stead to be successful in this exciting new role.

I have been involved in various aspects of business from working in a bank, becoming a Development Manager for a Training Provider and also a Development Manager for a Payment Solutions Provider.  Outside of work I love to play sport, travel, read and spend time with family. I shall be covering the North East and Scotland so look forward to meeting those of you in practice in those areas very soon.  Anybody wishing me to visit them as a priority or arrange a lunch and learn can do so here.

My TV box sets!
What do you call a fish with no eyes? Fsh
Thinking I'm a know it all
I would buy a Luxury Yacht
Let someone tickle my feet
I will travel the world
Zincoseb! No long waiting times for it to work