Ermidrà® Topical Skin Range: A Useful Choice this Allergy Season

With allergy season upon us, the next few months can be a miserable time for dogs and a frustrating time for vets and owners alike.

A Useful Choice this Allergy Season

With allergy season upon us, the next few months can be a miserable time for dogs and a frustrating time for vets and owners alike.

Dog with exfoliative dermatitisThere are many options when thinking about what to use to help alleviate the symptoms of allergy. Steroids, although cheap and effective at relieving itch, are not to be administered without caution and careful consideration of side effects for long-term use. Antihistamines, as in humans, can help reduce itch but there is some debate as to their efficacy if used alone. Immunotherapy is certainly a consideration but one that may take a long time to produce results and may also require life long administration. 

Due to the above factors, another useful method of assisting in the management of the symptoms of atopy is topical rehydration therapy.

It is now well recognized that dogs with atopy have a skin barrier defect and as such, products that aim to rehydrate the skin and help skin barrier function can be useful in helping to manage allergic dermatitis.

The Ermidrà® topical skin range from Vetruus has been specially formulated with this in mind.

Shampoo therapy is considered by many as a useful adjunctive option in helping to alleviate the symptoms of atopy. Bathing with a non-irritant shampoo is useful in removing allergens from the surface of the skin and is likely to have a direct soothing effect on the skin.

Ermidrà® Shampoo is a pH balanced mild shampoo that is both cleansing and soothing for itch and is indicated for sensitive, reddened skin. It contains zinc gluconate that cleanses the skin and helps regulate moisture content. Betaine and Epilobium, which is an effective emollient, have been added to soothe and rehydrate the skin. Ermidrà® Shampoo should be applied and left on the skin for 5-6 minutes before being rinsed and the animal dried. Repeat the application twice a week for two weeks before maintaining with a once weekly bath.

Although shampoo therapy is beneficial, in some cases the very action of shampooing can strip the epidermal lipid barrier that protects the skin and may lead to easier penetration of the surface of the skin by allergens. For this reason it is advisable to follow all shampoo baths with additional rehydration therapy.

Emidra SprayErmidrà® Spray is an easy to use moisturising spray designed to rehydrate the skin and help repair skin barrier function thus reducing trans-epidermal water loss. Ermidrà® Spray contains Zinc Gluconate,  Epilobium, Propylene Glycol and D-Panthenol. These essential ingredients all help to rehydrate and normalize the water content of the skin. Liposomes are micro-capsules which penetrate deeper into the skin layers and slowly release the moisturising agents. To apply Ermidrà® Spray, shake well before spraying abundantly over the affected area of skin or against the growth of the hair. Ermidrà® Spray may be applied several times a day if required to alleviate itch and can also be used immediately after shampoo baths.

Ermidrà® Foam is a unique cleansing foam containing Oatmilk, Propylene Glycol, Betaine and Chlorhexidine Digluconate. This combination of ingredients is useful for relieving the itch and dryness associated with atopy. The presentation of these actives in a foam formulation means clients can use it easily without the need for water baths, which makes Ermidrà® Foam suitable for dogs where water bathing is difficult, where animals are hospitalized and need cleansing, for animals recovering from  surgical procedures and for owners who prefer not to use wet shampoo therapy.

Ermidrà® Foam is also suitable for cats suffering with dry flaky skin. With a pleasant fragrance, Ermidrà® Foam can also be used as a general cleanser for dogs, cats, puppies and kittens, as well as small furries.

The new Ermidrà® range from Vetruus can be used to rehydrate skin and alleviate the symptoms of atopy this allergy season. Presented in shampoo, spray and foam presentations the Ermidrà® range is beneficial for the pet and very convenient for the client.