Learn, question then put into practice

What do you most struggle with in dermatology cases? Would you like to feel more confident with cytology?

Do you get confused with which tests you should be offering?  Would you like more advice on managing recurrent otitis?  And what do you do if you can’t even see the tympanic membrane? 

Vetruus want to give you the opportunity to ask these questions and any others you may have to our team of leading dermatologists. We are happy to visit anywhere in the UK or Republic of Ireland, you just need to ask. Perhaps you are organising an event for your practice or for local practices to attend, we would love to come along and talk to you about a dermatology topic of your choice. Or maybe you haven’t had many CPD events held in your area but think it would be well received, we will gladly organise a venue, send out invitations, provide a speaker, and even put on some food.