John Redbond


I joined Vetruus having previously worked as a Veterinary Nurse at a local veterinary practice for 17 years, where I ran a nurse dermatology clinic helping owners with their pet’s skin and ear problems.

I completed a qualification in veterinary dermatology and came to love Vetruus products whilst running the clinic, so it is no surprise I ended up joining the team! Over the years I have also had the chance to write some articles and to lecture to nurses and pet owners about dermatological issues and a big passion of mine is to bring other Veterinary Nurses to the point where they too can run a nurse dermatology clinic, as this can really help all those pets out there with derm problems.

At Vetruus we are passionate about helping pets struggling with this problem, so my job is to work with the team to keep these great products out there and bring other Veterinary Nurses into the battle against bad skin or ears and to help itchy pets everywhere! When I’m not working I love camping with my little boy and spending time with him and my wife; then, if I find time, listening to music and going to gigs. Look out for me at Glastonbury!

Son, he’s a two and half year old bundle of energy
Any mixed metaphor! It's a completely different kettle of worms
Mixed metaphors! I’ve got a memory like a foghorn!
Mixed metaphors, and running around like a headless fly!
Vetruus blue - genuinely!
Dogs, every time.
Zincoseb…… because………I sold loads of it whilst working as a dermatology nurse.