Itchy, red, flakey & smelly...uh oh!

Shampoo therapy is being talked about more and more as one of the best ways to support dermatological treatments but it can be the most difficult to get compliance.

These cases are particularly frustrating as they generally require a multitude of treatments, which means money. So you not only have to get compliance from your owner who is feeling the pinch in their wallet but you also have to hope they are patient and willing to persevere with all that you ask of them. Thankfully I think most owners living with an itchy pet obviously in discomfort will be keen to get the problem under control. This raises two points. One, the word “control” it is important we stress to the owner that in many of these cases it is finding a long term management and will not be a quick fix. Leading on nicely to point two, steroids; there is no disputing that they are effective at reducing itch but they are not a long term solution, and with many potential side effects they should be considered carefully before being prescribed. Corticosteroids are probably the favoured treatment by the owner as they will see a quick improvement and believe that is the key, unfortunately when you then try to work the case up and change treatment, they will not be convinced, and may even switch practices. Of course you then have to hope they will be told the same thing by the new vet, but on the plus side clients not willing or able to work up can be the biggest frustration and end up with your practice incurring unpaid bills. I’m afraid to say we don’t have the miracle cure but we do have a number of studies which have been carried out in Europe which talk in detail about our Ermidra and Zincoseb shampoos and how they have been used alongside other products with good effect in skin problems. (Any vets who would like a copy of any of our studies can get in touch with us through our helpline and request copies.)  As well as our shampoo’s we also have a few other options, or in an ideal world adjuncts.  These will hopefully help with compliance as they can make life for the owner a little easier, but also they can feel like they are doing something to help which can be equally important. So what products am I talking about… Ermidra Spray, Ermidra Foam and CLX Wipes. For more information on these products click on the links to go to our website. Or if you would like us to visit your practice to discuss in more detail get in touch. Please also note that we now have OmegaAid which is an oral EFA supplement containing both Omega 3 and 6, details for this product will be on our website soon but it is already available in wholesalers.