DiaTab helps stop liquid stools and reduces the frequency of loose bowel movements and helps to restore electrolyte balance.

DiaTab contains:


Pectin is a soluble fibre derived from fruits and vegetables that adds bulk to the stool and has soothing qualities to reduce irritation in the intestinal tract.

Carob Flour

Derived from the carob tree, these seeds can be ground into a flour which contains a very high amount of carrubina, which has the ability to absorb water to 100 times its weight. This ability to absorb water helps with managing liquid stools and assists in eliminating toxins from the intestinal tract.


Clinoptilolite is a mineral and a particular type of zeolite (a microporous aluminosilicate). Activated Clinoptilolite works like a sponge in the intestinal tract and binds and absorbs toxic substances before eliminating them through the faeces.


A pro-vitamin from plants which helps in the synthesis of some vital substances such as methionine and helps as a cell osmoprotector. Also contains Sodium and Potassium to help re-instate lost minerals.

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