Clorexyderm Spot Gel

TrisEDTA / Chlorhexidine Skin Gel for Dogs and Cats. Clorexyderm® Spot Gel is a blue antibacterial, antifungal gel with the capacity to form a moisturising barrier film on the skin.

Clorexyderm® Spot Gel is based on a synergistic combination of moisturising and emollient substances. The special formulation provides for excellent adhesion to the skin surface to ensure longer action. The permeable film created prevents deposits of contaminated particles onto the skin without affecting skin turnover.


  • Chlorhexidine digluconate.
  • TrisEDTA.
  • Lanolin.
  • Glycerine.
  • Polivinylpirrolidone.


  • as an antibacterial gel for the skin generally.
  • for the interdigital spaces.
  • for small areas of itching and redness.
  • around exit sites of external fixators where tissue integrity may be a concern.

How to Use

Apply the blue gel 2-3 times daily initially and then reduce application to once weekly once improvement is seen.

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