Clorexyderm 4% Foam

Foam containing 4% chlorhexidine which helps to control bacterial and fungal growth.


  • Chlorhexidine digluconate 4%.
  • Propylene Glycol has a moisturising action.
  • Glycerine has a moisturising and softening action.
  • Ethoxylated lanolin is a soothing emollient, which moisturises and conditions the skin and coat.


Foam containing chlorhexidine digluconate which helps to control bacterial and fungal growth. Topical use only.

Clorexyderm 4% Foam contains moisturising and emollient substances. There is no need to rinse the animal after application of the product. Clorexyderm 4% Foam is non-oily and can be used frequently as directed by a veterinarian.

How to Use

The Foam can either be applied directly to the animal and then massaged in to the coat, or can be put into your hands and then applied to the animal using a massaging action. Distribute the product evenly where needed. Application is once a day according to veterinarian advice. For topical use only.

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