Catherine Gurney

Having started in the UK veterinary industry as a mere young thing, some thirty several years later I am still here and working hard at Vetruus Ltd, which I set up in September 2011 with my co-director Philip Gurney.

The company has grown significantly in the last four years and we continue to grow in this current economic climate.  Vetruus is an exciting venture for all of us and we recently sold our shares in the company to our Italian partner ICF srl at the beginning of 2015.  ICF are a major force in dermatology in Europe and so we are looking forward to introducing a number of new products over this coming year.   When I am not working, my architect husband Mike and I can usually be found at the family home in Spain, where he works with a go-getting architecture and legal practice ( where the legal partner is the splitting image of George Clooney ! ) and I am working hard on getting past Page 2 of the crime novel I have been trying to write for the last few years ! The plot changes regularly depending on who is making the most sales each week ! 

My Car
Two goldfish in a tank. One says to the other “ how do you drive this thing ?”
Cooking elaborate meals and expecting them to eat them whether they like them or not
My Le Creuset cooking pan
dogs ( of course ! )
Speak several languages
Go on a roller coaster
Paint and restore old furniture
Clorexyderm Spot Gel ( works on humans too ! )