Caroline Burgess

I have lived all my life in the veterinary world, as my Dad was a veterinary surgeon.

I joined him to work in his practice for 10 years managing reception and taking care of all the admin, before going into veterinary sales & marketing, joining Centaur Services as a territory manager.  I have gone on to work with companies such as Improve CPD & Onswitch, performing in sales, marketing and training roles.  I lived in Australia for two and a half years, before coming back to the UK & I have been working back in the veterinary industry again since January 2012.  In my spare time my husband John and I like to walk our 2 dogs in the Cotswolds where we live, and I exercise other peoples horses!

I’ve decided to sell my hoover – it’s just collecting dust
Playing a tree in the local pantomime!
Both my books and music
Be a published author
Buy a yacht with full crew!
Bungee jump – why would anyone do this???
I will ride horses every day
Otodine – every otitis externa should have one