Carol King

I started my working career in the Hair & Beauty Industry but after long days and a lot of travelling I was so pleased when a vacancy to join a Veterinary Pharmaceutical company was advertised and it seemed the perfect role for me making appointments for sales representatives to visit veterinary practices, plus a little Telesales.

I was lucky enough to be taken on by Cathy and we worked together for several years until she left and set up Vetruus. Many years later we made contact again and history repeated itself and I joined Vetruus in 2018 and am so happy to be part of such a lovely team, including working again with some of my old colleagues Philip, Iain and Stephen.

I wondered how I would get on not doing face-to-face sales, but over the years I have built up many great relationships with practices and now have many ‘phone and email friends’ who regularly place orders with me.

My husband and I enjoy meals out with friends and we love our holidays, mainly to Greece and we have been to the Mainland plus many of the Islands.

At home I would be lost without my beautiful dogs, our Golden Retrievers (thank goodness for my vacuum cleaner !!)

So I rang BT and said ‘I want to report a nuisance caller’, he said ’not you again!
trying different accents
Putting things in a cupboard with the label the wrong way round
buy anything I wanted without having to think about it first
nice cottage in a village somewhere peaceful
hopefully be able to relax and visit more places
Otodine…because it gives results straight away without stressing the animal