Behind the scenes

No successful company can function well without a great Behind the Scenes team, and we couldn’t do it without our lot ! Camera shy though they may be, they are all here to ensure things run smoothly and we are looking and doing our best.

Jo :  our Administrative demon !  No stone is left unturned in keeping us all on the straight and narrow.  Jo also organises all our RoadShows too, so if you attend one of them, then she has done all the arranging.

Stefan - our fab graphic designer, who designs our literature and makes sure we look good on paper.  ( He is also a talented artist and produces some fabulous paintings which we love, but can’t afford ! ) 

Ross - our website guru and techno expert.  When it comes to megabytes, he’s the man !

Simon - our media mogul who manages our PR and advertising stuff and gets us out there in the journals 

John, Donna, Jane, Steve, Sophie and Alessandro - our finance wizards, who make sure all our money stuff is OK.

Carol - our truly heroic telephone star who makes our sales team's appointments for them and ensures they are in the right place at the right time, and also manages our telesales, letting you know about our special offers and our amazing products.

Lisa - our data analyst who tells us how we are doing out in the market place and crunches spreadsheets all day.

and Shirley, Ann and all the girls and boys at KBVO who are our lovely reception team who answer our phones for us and take our messages.